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CN-201396544-Y: Angle-adjustable PE elbow connection device for extracting gas in coal mine patent, CN-201397234-Y: 一种相位测量工具 patent, CN-201399214-Y: 高尔夫球推车 patent, CN-201399609-Y: Handheld milling groove device patent, CN-201399711-Y: 光学元件表面加工用的夹具 patent, CN-201399889-Y: 塑料管材真空冷却箱半圆托板整圆器 patent, CN-201401028-Y: 组装型环保厕所 patent, CN-201401101-Y: 一种铝塑复合节能型材 patent, CN-201402141-Y: 以3d箭头作为路口转向提示标志的导航装置 patent, CN-201402864-Y: Full screened IEC joint patent, CN-201404134-Y: Automatic constant-temperature natural massage barrel for washing feet patent, CN-201404368-Y: 可撕型药贴 patent, CN-201405274-Y: 一种平口钳 patent, CN-201405820-Y: Electronic anti-theft lock for vehicles patent, CN-201407380-Y: 焊接球阀 patent, CN-201407388-Y: 一种水力控制阀恒扬程导阀 patent, CN-201407586-Y: 高效智能太阳能草坪灯 patent, CN-201407956-Y: 高压眩晕枪 patent, CN-201408421-Y: 笔记本电脑外置式网络隔离装置 patent, CN-201409206-Y: 基于网络的分布式vga多媒体数字矩阵 patent, CN-201409482-Y: 气囊式护肘 patent, CN-201409805-Y: Electric kettle patent, CN-201409977-Y: Bone lamella applicable to hip patent, CN-201410118-Y: 超声波蒸汽消毒柜 patent, CN-201410206-Y: Disposable endotracheal tube, oxygen tube and medicine dropping tube fixing cover patent, CN-201410796-Y: Ring hoop of coding machine patent, CN-201411145-Y: 按压式溶质导入防伪瓶 patent, CN-201412217-Y: 具有进气增压功能的柴油发动机 patent, CN-201412468-Y: Anti-burst brake drum for truck patent, CN-201412489-Y: 滚轮丝杆 patent, CN-201412582-Y: Automatic air door patent, CN-201413012-Y: Beer yeast drying machine patent, CN-201413866-Y: 一种天线的自复位电缆缠绕装置 patent, CN-201413883-Y: 插座连接器 patent, CN-201413948-Y: 环网真空自动配电开关设备 patent, CN-201414552-Y: foldable bookshelf patent, CN-201414866-Y: 可360度旋转接电的皮肤护理熔蜡器 patent, CN-201416006-Y: Steel mesh cement methane tank patent, CN-201416181-Y: 双卫生稳流补偿器 patent, CN-201417103-Y: Plate type heat exchanger for gas-gas heat exchange patent, CN-201418281-Y: 玉米收获机割台 patent, CN-201418558-Y: 一种可调节的连体电脑椅 patent, CN-201418744-Y: 一种放射科用病人检查平台 patent, CN-201419661-Y: Spring-type ejection lifesaving chair patent, CN-201420139-Y: 一种荧光增白纤维 patent, CN-201420218-Y: 一种铝合金防滑防震停机坪 patent, CN-201421502-Y: Portable radar velometer patent, CN-201421770-Y: Open triangle transformer iron core patent, CN-201421970-Y: Fully-insulated bench substation patent, CN-201423108-Y: Stepping and twisting exerciser patent, CN-201423301-Y: 一种碎料机 patent, CN-201423874-Y: Decorative surface structure for plastic product patent, CN-201423904-Y: 车用遮阳器具 patent, CN-201424308-Y: 一种安装有液压可调扭矩卷线装置 patent, CN-201424869-Y: Rack anti-theft lock patent, CN-201425092-Y: Buckle patent, CN-201425165-Y: Led手电筒提灯 patent, CN-201426154-Y: 一种云台摄像机远程监控装置 patent, CN-201426806-Y: Health-care adhesive bandage patent, CN-201428342-Y: Aluminum alloy window patent, CN-201428683-Y: Full-thread screw with female hole square flange head patent, CN-201429520-Y: Locking device for one-way clutch of feeding system of paraffin slicing machine patent, CN-201429571-Y: Ph精密试纸 patent, CN-201429724-Y: 一种光缆贮存支架 patent, CN-201431055-Y: Bedding package patent, CN-201431197-Y: Improved inflatable mattress structure patent, CN-201431874-Y: 螺旋式无筛板沸腾氯化炉 patent, CN-201432313-Y: 吸头茬的电推子 patent, CN-201432485-Y: 课本资料快速装订保护夹 patent, CN-201434472-Y: Ventilating duct patent, CN-201434587-Y: 两风道四风闸环保节能一次码烧轮窑 patent, CN-201434871-Y: 试剂盘 patent, CN-201435610-Y: 一种电能质量综合治理装置 patent, CN-2127083-Y: Multi-functional combined gearbox lifting device patent, CN-2128368-Y: 冰箱转盘式搁栏装置 patent, CN-2129300-Y: 平连板 patent, CN-2129731-Y: Folding multifunation children cart patent, CN-2129876-Y: L形节能烧嘴 patent, CN-2131910-Y: 可拔出排水板前圆钢的钢管装置 patent, CN-2132538-Y: 万向旱冰鞋 patent, CN-2134037-Y: Driving gear of seed plough patent, CN-2134293-Y: 书写笔 patent, CN-2134294-Y: 无粉尘书写板 patent, CN-2134491-Y: Electronic igniter patent, CN-2134526-Y: 防盗螺栓 patent, CN-2134896-Y: 高效多层振动筛 patent, CN-2135169-Y: Body biological three-rhythm spline patent, CN-2135504-Y: 列车上水器 patent, CN-2136294-Y: Tent patent, CN-2136478-Y: 多功能验电器 patent, CN-2136969-Y: Fluidization calcining apparatus for terra alba patent, CN-2137382-Y: 电力设备防盗遥控报警器 patent, CN-2137700-Y: 家用保险箱 patent, CN-2138017-Y: Electric clippers with hair residue collector patent, CN-2138159-Y: 玻璃钢端面墙砖 patent, CN-2138380-Y: Electronic starter patent, CN-2138927-Y: 一种新型折叠蚊帐 patent, CN-2139061-Y: Self-ink-supply writing brush patent, CN-2139253-Y: 冰箱化霜定时器的开关控制组件 patent, CN-2139374-Y: 轻型万向软轴砂磨机 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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