Handheld milling groove device



The utility model relates to a handheld milling groove device, belonging to the field of a machining milling groove device and comprising a handheld power source component and a milling cutter component matched with the power source component. The technical points are as follows: the milling cutter component is formed by a cylindrical cutter frame and blade groups which are fixedly and spirally arranged around the cylindrical cutter frame from inside to outside in sequence; the cylindrical cutter frame and the power source component are fixedly connected into one body by a rotating shaft; andthe lower end of the power source component is provided with a positioning guide frame. As the structure of the blade groups which are spirally distributed on the cylindrical cutter frame is adopted,the blade units forming the blade groups are mutually independent, thus being capable of dispersing the cutting force of the blade groups when in cutting, reducing cutting force, reducing shock and vibration when in cutting and being capable of being operated by person; therefore, the handheld milling groove device has the advantages of having simple structure, high working reliability, convenientoperation and high working efficiency and being capable of milling grooves with the width of 6 to 16mm.




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