Beer yeast drying machine



The utility model discloses a beer yeast drying machine. A cylindrical drying cylinder is fixed on a frame through bearing supports at two ends of the cylindrical drying cylinder; a storage bin is arranged at the lower part of the cylindrical drying cylinder, and an exhaust hood is arranged at the upper part thereof; a feed opening is formed on the storage bin; an axial-flow fan is mounted at theupper part of the exhaust hood; the air intake pipeline of an air intake device penetrates the shaft end of the cylindrical drying cylinder and enters the cylindrical drying cylinder; the air intake pipeline and the cylindrical drying cylinder are matched with each other in a rotary sealed manner; a material limiting device and a scraper knife device are arranged on two side surfaces at the circumference of the cylindrical drying cylinder respectively and are fixed on the frame; and the shaft end of the cylindrical drying cylinder is connected with a transmission device. The utility model hasthe advantages that materials are dried by utilizing a vapor drying cylinder, which saves cost compared with drying material through utilizing electricity and coal; the operation is continuous, so that the production efficiency is improved; the water content of dry yeast can be reduced to about seven percent. Therefore, the utility model not only makes full use of resources, but also solves the problem of environmental pollution, and is widely used for drying sticky materials and mushy materials, and has remarkable social and economic benefits.




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