Steel mesh cement methane tank



The utility model relates to a steel mesh cement methane tank which has a box structure that is obtained through splicing a plurality of steel mesh cement plates. The steel mesh cement methane tank comprises an acidification feeding tank, a feeding chamber, a fermentation tank, a discharging tank and a water pressure chamber. The upper surface of the fermentation tank is provided with a manhole cover which is provided with an air outlet pipe. The steel mesh cement methane tank provided by the utility model has the advantages of excellent integrity, high local strength, strong compactness, strong leakage resistance, effectively increased durability of the main structure in corrosive medium, high safety and high reliability. Simultaneously the steel mesh cement methane tank has the advantages of short field construction period, less working procedure with high technical requirement, capacity for being effectively controlled in the construction range and prevention to the leakage which easily occurs in large-area construction.




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