Fully-insulated bench substation



The utility model relates to a fully-insulated bench substation, which consists of a bench, a high-voltage wiring protective housing and a low-voltage wiring protective housing, a fully-insulated transformer, a low-voltage load control box and a low-voltage outgoing line compensation box. The bench is installed between two power poles. The fully-insulated transformer is arranged on the bench. A high-voltage protective housing and a low-voltage protective housing are respectively arranged on the two sides of the bench. A cable interlayer is arranged below the bench. The low-voltage load controlbox and the low-voltage outgoing line compensation box are arranged on the bottom end surface of the bench. A high-voltage cable trench and a low-voltage cable trench are respectively arranged on thetwo power poles. A pressure gauge, an oil temperature gauge, an oil level gauge, a pressure relief valve and a non-excitation tap switch are arranged on the panel of the high-voltage protective housing. A high-pressure cable is introduced in by a high-voltage casing and a low-voltage cable is introduced out by a casing from the low-voltage protective housing. The utility model has the advantagesthat the design is scientific, reasonable and creative, the volume is small, the maintenance and the operation are convenient since the monitoring display instrument is installed on one side, the energy consumption is reduced, the installation is easy, the economic applicability is high, the stability is reliable and the development prospect is promising. The substation is suitable for the use ofthe power supply department.




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