LED flashlight hand lamp


The utility model relates to a combination of a flashlight and a hand lamp, which comprises a main body, a flashlight cup and a lens, wherein the body is provided with a first axis, the flashlight cupsurrounds the first axis to reflect inwards, and the lens covers the cup. The LED flashlight hand lamp is characterized in that a cone reflecting outwards surrounds the first axis and is provided with an apex, the first axis passes through the apex, a drum is arranged between the cup and the cone and pivotally rotates around a second axis perpendicular to the first axis, an LED is mounted on thedrum and can be defined radially from the second axis as the LED points to the apex of the cone in a first direction of the drum, the LED aligns to the lens in a second direction of the drum, and theLED and the first axis point to a cover of the hand lamp perpendicularly in a third direction of the drum.




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