Full-thread screw with female hole square flange head



The utility model discloses a full-thread screw with a female hole square flange head. The full-thread screw comprises a screw body, wherein the screw body is provided with a rod part body and a tailend part body which are integrally molded, continuous external thread bodies with outwardly concave convex tooth space structures are radially manufactured at the head end of the rod part body, and the thread axial length of each external screw body is equal to the length of the rod part body; continuous internal thread bodies with inwardly concave convex tooth space female hole structures are axially manufactured at the tail end of the screw body, the length of each internal screw body is at least equal to that of the tail end part body, and the screw body is an eighth structure with a squareflange head shape; since inwardly concave thread holes are manufactured at the tail part, the structure is novel, and the manufacture is convenient; the apertures of the inwardly concave thread holesare moderate, a new rear output connection method is added when the performance of the original screw body is retained, and the structural strength of the original screw body is not affected; and therequirements of different connection methods can be further met by manufacturing the thread holes into threads with different specifications.




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