Locking device for one-way clutch of feeding system of paraffin slicing machine



The utility model provides a locking device for the one-way clutch of the feeding system of a paraffin slicing machine, belongs to the technical field of medical auxiliary devices for detecting biological tissues, and mainly solves the problem of the conventional nut that the nut is easily loosened during slicing process, so that the one-way clutch rotates, and the slicing process cannot be conducted. The utility model is mainly characterized in that the locking device comprises a feeding screw rod, the one-way clutch, and a lock nut; the feeding screw rod is arranged in the movement of the system; the one-way clutch and the lock nut are sleeved on the feeding screw rod; and a notch communicated with the main threaded hole of the lock nut, a locking screw hole penetrating the notch, and alocking screw are arranged on the lock nut; and a threaded hole is formed at the lower part of the locking screw hole. The utility model has the characteristics of simple structure and good locking effect, and is mainly used in locking the one-way clutch of the feeding system of the paraffin slicing machine.




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