Bedding package



A bedding package comprises a covering unit and a pillow unit, wherein the covering unit is composed of a covering body, two inclusion cloth covers which are together clung to the central portion of the covering body bottom, a carrying strap arranged on the bottom of the joint portion of the inclusion cloth covers and an inclusion zipper positioned on the peripheries of the inclusion cloth covers.The bedding package can change from an expansion state when unfolded in flat shape to a folding state when mutually folded, when the bedding package needs to be folded to be in folding state, the covering body is first folded on the top surface of the inclusion cloth covers, the pillow unit is placed over the covering body, and then the inclusion cloth covers are folded and the zipper is zipped up to form folding state. By utilizing the inclusion cloth covers on the bottom of the covering body, the bedding package can be folded into a hold pillow shape or a back cushion shape, thereby being convenient for people to carry when go out.




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