Multi-functional combined gearbox lifting device


  • Inventors: WANG BAIMING
  • Assignees: 王百明
  • Publication Date: February 17, 1993
  • Publication Number: CN-2127083-Y


组合式多功能变速箱提升器,由手柄带动蜗杆蜗 轮装置转动,蜗杆蜗轮装置与钢丝蝇卷筒连接,同步 转动,钢丝绳卷筒上缠有钢丝绳及吊钩,其与现有技 术的突出区别在于:上述机构固定在一个矩形框架 上,支腿部分由五根一头有孔,一头为内螺纹的长杆, 二根两头均为外螺纹的短杆和三根“丁”字形杆组成, 通过杆件间的组合以满足多种车型的前变速箱和后 差速器之提升及修理要求,各杆件间的组合灵活方 便,结构较佳,全部工具方便拆装,是极理想的随车工 具。
The utility model relates to a double girder frame flexible concave carrier, comprising a vehicle frame, a traction mechanism, a steering device, a suspension device, wheel shafts, walking plastic core-rubber-tires, brake, etc.; the vehicle frame is composed of the connecting combination of back and forth convex springs, centre excavate right and left main beams, elevating fixtures and a transverse span beam which supports big goods; one line of travelling wheels are respectively arranged at the lower part of the back and forth springs at least. The double girder frame flexible concave carrier can reduce the gravity of big goods traffic, ensure transportation safety, and shorten the time of passing through overpass culvert. The utility model has important meaning for vehicle speed enhancing, transport cycle shortening and discounting from freight.




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