Folding multifunation children cart



The utility model discloses a folding multifunctional children cart which is composed of a front wheel [9], a back wheel [4], a steering wheel [1], an assembly [10], a frame [15], etc. The utility model is characterized in that the two sides of the assembly [10] is provided with cart frames [2]; the back wheel [4] is arranged on the back of the cart frames [2], intermediate sections of the cart frames [2] are connected with armrest tubes [14] and are crossly connected with tubes [13]; the tubes [13] are connected with a tube [12] whose lower end is provided with a fastening plate [5] and a plate [6], and the tube [12] is provided with a frame for a mosquito net [15]; the mosquito net is sewed on the frame for a mosquito net [15]. The utility model which has the multifunction of a children bed, a children cart, and folding has the advantages that the mosquito net is used for preventing mosquitoes in summer, and a soft cushion is used for thermal protection in winter. The utility model is suitable for an infant who is born for a plurality of ofmonths to a child of six years old.
本实用新型公开了一种折叠式多功能童车,由前 轮[9]、后轮[4]、方向盘[1]、总成[10]、架[15]等所组成, 其特征在于总成[10]两侧有车架[2],架[2]后面是轮 [4],架[2]中段连接有靠手管[14],交叉连接有管[13], 管[13]与管[12]连接,管[12]下端有卡板[5]、板[6]、管 [12]上有蚊帐架[15],架[15]上缝制有蚊帐篷。优点是 具有童床童车、折叠多功能,春夏天有蚊帐防蚊,冬天 有软垫保暖,适于出生后几个月的婴儿至六岁儿童使 用。




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