Human body shape power saving burning nozzle


The utility model relates to an L-shaped energy-saving burning nozzle, which is the improvement for the combination of an R-shaped low-pressure nozzle and an outer-mixing type high-pressure nozzle. The utility model is characterized in that the outer side of an oil jet head is sheathed with a steam spraying head which can be moved along the axial direction. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, good quality, small oil mass, stable combustion, uniform flames, great adjusting ratio and rapid ignition, and the cumulative oil and the coking for the heavy oil and the residual oil can not be existed. The L-shaped energy-saving burning nozzle is suitable for the middle and low-temperature industrial oil furnace which needs great temperature change, high technological requirement and frequent ignition, such as the heat treating furnace, the burning-ceramic furnace and the forging furnace.




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