Anti-electric shock safety system, for electric machinery and installations

Sicherheitssystem gegen elektrischen Schlag für elektrische Maschinen und Einrichtungen

Système de sécurité contre les chocs électriques pour des machines et installations électriques


The invention concerns an electronic safety device for electri­cal appliances and installations, meant to provide a protection against current leakages determined by the presence of water or other conductive liquids on parts of the appliance which are not perfectly insulated, and/or current leakages between the phases of the mains. According to the invention said device comprises - a relay switch positioned on the mains of the electrical appliance and having as many tripping contacts as the phases of the mains, - a low-voltage electronic circuit to feed the coil of said relay switch, essentially consisting of three parts: - a first feeding part, normally energized, comprising a transformer connected to said mains and feeding said relay coil through a fuse, - a second control part, normally de-energized, comprising water or other conductive liquid sensors, - a third control part, normally de-energized, comprising a sensor for current leakages between the phases of the mains, said second and third control parts being positioned in parallel with the coil of the relay switch, and their energizing producing the short-cir­cuiting of the coil and the instant tripping of the relay switch.




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