Dispositif de suivi d'un véhicule


Vehicle following apparatus


A vehicle following apparatus is able to continuously or successively measure, once a target vehicle (5) to be followed is determined, the distance to the target vehicle (5) in a stable and reliable manner even if the subject vehicle, on which the apparatus is mounted, is momentarily caused to move in the vertical or horizontal direction with respect to the target vehicle (5). A pair of first and second image sensors (3, 4) including a pair of optical systems (1, 2) are disposed at a predetermined distance from each other for optically sensing a plurality of objects including a preceding vehicle. A first window containing therein an image of the preceding vehicle as sensed by the image sensors (3, 4) is defined on a screen of a display (11). A second window is also defined on the screen around the first widow for catching the background of the preceding vehicle. The position of the first window is controlled to automatically follow the image of the preceding vehicle by measuring the distances to the objects in the respective first and second windows.




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