High density LED arrays with semiconductor interconnects

LED-Matrix hoher Dichte mit Halbleiterverdrahtung

Matrice de LED à haute densité avec interconnexions semi-conductrices


A high density LED array with semiconductor interconnects includes a plurality of layers of material stacked on a substrate (15, 15') including a conductive layer (16, 16'), a first carrier confinement layer (17, 17'), an active layer (18, 18'), and a second carrier confinement layer (19, 19'). The layers are separated (26, 27, 25', 30') into isolated LEDs in a matrix of rows and columns with the conductive layer connecting a first electrode of each LED in a column to a first electrode of each other LED in the column. Row conductors (35, 35') connect a second electrode of each LED in a row to a second electrode of each other LED in the row and column conductors (34) are connected to the conductive layer of each column.




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