Sample processing system and method

System zur Behandlung von Proben

Système de manipulation d'échantillons


An automatic sample processing system. In order to obtain a highly reliable sample identification with a reduced amount of handling and material the system comprises: a) a sample vessel (11) having no identification on it, b) a sample vessel carrier (12) having a chamber (13) apt to receive said sample vessel (11), and c) a sample identification component (14) which carries on it a readable identification (15) of a sample contained in or to be pipetted into said sample vessel (11), said sample identification component (14) being configured and dimensioned to be removably attachable to said sample vessel (11) and also to said sample vessel carrier (12) at a position thereof which corresponds to the position of the chamber (13) which receives said sample vessel (11), said sample identification component (14) being apt to remain attached to said sample vessel carrier (12) when said sample vessel (11) is removed from said sample vessel carrier (12).




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