Verfahren zur behandlung von beschädigten haaren, zum formen und zum glätten der haare

Procede de regeneration, de coiffure et de defrisage des cheveux

Method for hair repair, styling and straightening


Hair repair, styling, and straightening are accomplished by washing and rinsing hair; applying an alkaline base hair straightening solution to the hair; allowing the alkaline base hair straightening solution to remain on the hair until the hair transitions into a structurally elastic condition; suspending the hair in the structurally elastic condition by rinsing out the alkaline base hair straightening solution from the hair; applying a hair repairing solution to the hair; applying a pre-oxidizing set to the hair structure by compressing the hair under heat; applying an acid rinse to said hair; and applying a neutralizer solution to the hair for a time period sufficient to eliminate the structurally elastic condition of the hair.




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