Schachtel für magnetische bandkassette

Boitier de cassette a bande magnetique

Magnetic tape cassette storage case


In the magnetic tape cassette storage case, on the neighboring portions of the connecting portions between the bottom plate (21) and inner walls (22) of a storage part (20), there are disposed ribs (24) in such a manner that they extend into the bottom plate (21) and inner walls (22) and project inwardly of the storage part (20). Due to this structure, between the back surface (11b) of a magnetic tape cassette (11) and the bottom plate (21) of the storage part (20), there can be defined a required clearance (S) capable of storing an information sheet (13) therein. Therefore, the present magnetic tape cassette storage case is capable of storing, together with the magnetic tape cassette, a large quantity of information sheets at a given position and in a given posture as well as with a good operation efficiency.




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