Electric device for electric domestic appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, liquid suction device, steam iron and suchlike, for domestic and/or professional use

Elektrisches Gerät für elektrische Haushaltsgeräte wie Staubsauger, Flüssigkeitssauger, Dampfbügeleisen und ähnliche, für den Hausgebrauch und/oder professionelen Gebrauch

Appareil électrique pour appareils domestiques tel qu'aspirateur, appareil d'aspiration de liquide, appareil de repassage à vapeur à usage domestique et/ou usage professionnel


Electric device (10) for electric domestic appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, liquid suction devices, irons or suchlike. The device (10) comprises three autonomous absorption elements (14, 16, 18) to absorb electric loads, able to be selectively connected to the electric network. An electric connection element (24) can be selectively activated to connect, in a first operating condition, a first element (14) directly to the electric network and to exclude the other two elements (16, 18) from electric feed and, in a second operating condition, the first element (14) in series with a second (16) of the elements and, simultaneously, a third (18) of the elements in parallel with the first two, in order to distribute the electric power between the three elements (14, 16, 18).




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