Storage phosphor screens having homogeneously incorporated dopant

Speicherleuchtschirme mit homogen verteilter Dotierung

Ecrans luminescents d'enregistrement comprenant des dopants avec distribution homogène


Storage phosphor particles suitable for use in coated layers of stimulable phosphor screens or panels, in favour of high relative sensitivity, advantageously contain at the surface of the phosphor particles and in their inner volume, as components composing the said phosphor, a matrix component and a dopant or activator element that is homogeneously incorporated, wherein preference is given to particles having an aspect ratio of more than 2:1 and less than 50:1, said aspect ratio being defined as a ratio of 2 largest sizes of said particles, said sizes being taken in 3 dimensions perpendicular to each other, provided that one of said 2 largest sizes is smaller than 10 µm.




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