Dispositif et procédé de maintien d'une éolienne orientable dans la direction du vent

Wind turbine yawing system and yawing process

Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Windnachführung einer Windturbine


A yawing system for a wind turbine, the wind turbine comprising a tower fixed to the ground and a frame (1) housing an electric power generator, the tower and the frame (1) being joined by the yawing system which allows the orientation of the frame (1) with respect to the tower according to the direction of the wind. The yawing system comprises: a gear ring (2) fixed to the tower, the gear ring having a sliding track (3) on which the frame (1) rests and slides in its yawing movement, at least one geared motor fixed to the frame (1), meshed with the gear ring (2) through a gear wheel, at least one active braking module (5), and at least one passive braking module (6). Further there is provided a sliding track (3) and a friction track on the gear ring, this friction track (10) being different from the sliding track (3), and the active braking modules (5) and passive braking modules (6) comprising a fricton plate (11) acting on the friction track (10) of the ring. The frame (1) rests on the gear ring (2) by means of horizontal plates (8) and radial plates (9) made of a sliding material, and are kept in their position by separating parts (7). Furthermore, the gear ring (2) is divided into gear-toothed circular segments to favor its repair.




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