Vorrichtung und Methode zur Behandlung von Lebensmitteln

Dispositif et procédé pour le traitement des denrées alimentaires

Apparatus and method for treating food products


An apparatus (1) for treating food products, comprising a heat exchanger (2) with cylindrical geometry, having a stator (3) and a rotor (4) internal to the stator (3), defining a passage (5) between the stator and the rotor and comprising cooling means (7) active on the outer surface of the stator (3), pumping means (6), for thrusting the food products through said passage (5), means (10) for injecting a fluid inside said passage (5) and means for moving the food products, to cause the emulsion of the fluid with the products by means of a substantially turbulent motion of the products inside said passage (5), together with scraping elements (12) active on the surface of the passage (5).




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