Composition d"assaisonnement, matière d"assaisonnement et procédé pour en faire un aliment

Würzzusammensetzung, würzmittel und verfahren zur herstellung von nahrungsmitteln damit

Seasoning composition, seasoning material and process for producing food therewith


It is intended to provide a seasoning composition containing, with respect to 100 parts of potassium chloride, 1.5 to 70 parts by weight of histidine or its salt, 4 to 100 parts by weight of lysine or its salt, 2 to 100 parts by weight of sodium inosinate or sodium guanylate, 20 to 130 parts by weight of lactic acid or its salt, and 5 to 50 parts by weight of phosphoric acid or its salt; a seasoning material containing, with respect to 100 parts by weight of the seasoning composition, 1 to 100 parts by weight in solid content or powder content of a seafood extract/meat extract; and a method for producing foods that are excellent in flavor such as favorableness of saltiness and depth and richness of taste and reduced in salt by seasoning with the use of the seasoning composition or the seasoning material.




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